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Great Surveys and Sweepstakes
Money and prizes

 Surveys are to stay and will give your opinions different rewards. While Sweepstakes will change, so be quick on your feet or suffer great defeat.


Mr. Shopping Man does not own or run any of these Surveys or Sweepstakes. They belong to their respective companies and operate in their rules for participation.


Age: 16+


Age 18 - 55

Skewed roughly 60% toward ladies

US only

Age 17+


U.S. only

Flowers - Deliver your thoughts with the freshest bouquets.

Health - See the greatest Supplements and workout programs that are offered.

Music - Enjoy music and crafts provided by these services.

Gaming - Buy the latest consoles and games or know where to play free games.

Credit - Because we can use a little help in building good credit.

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