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About Me.

I'm Mr. Shopping Man. Here to bring you information and recommendations for all of your shopping wants. Whether it's from big companies or small hidden gems, to products or services, get your information here and enjoy a little humor on the side, as we explore the world that is online shopping.

As an Amazon Associate, as well as an Associate with 800florals, 1A Supplements, Arkivmusic, Gamehaqs, and many more, I earn from qualifying purchases. Do check our other pages for more information and goods.

Help bringing in your shopping wants, from big names to hidden gems.

For those who are not familiar with Affiliate Sites, we use links (blue texted and underlined) provided by our associates. All links and images have been tested for safety and when clicked or tapped on will lead you to the corresponding associate's homepage or product and service page. Every click/tap on the links will help this site grow so that we can have the resources and merit necessary to found more hidden goods and services and bring more competition into the world of Marketing. When Markets compete, the consumer wins.

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Rexing offers state of the art dashcams for all your road safety needs. Never become a victim of insurance fraud on the road, a victim of a hit and run incident, or a victim of some crooked fuzz.😉 The V1PGW-4k Dual Channel Car Dash Cam is a deal with 2160p front camera and 1080p rear camera with built in GPS and WiFi capabilities. But don't just take my word for it, check the 900+ customers reviews Priced at $199.99. See their best selling cameras here. Prices ranges from $9.99 to $459.99.

Parents. Think it's time that we had the talk. The little kids, face it, with today's world growing into technology, the little ones are going to get access to the internet rather you like it or not. But at the same time technology also makes it easier to monitor their online behavior. So to spread peace of mind, here's Qustodio. An app that gives parental over your child's online behavior. Set the boundaries on when it's okay to go online and when it's not, like never during homework or bedtime. Assign autoblocking features so the kids don't accidentally stumble upon a........"mature"😏 site. Set time limits so they don't get addicted to games. (Sorry little gamers.)🤗 Qustodio also has tips and guides so you can stay informed. Basic subscription is $55 a year while premium rolls at $100, but don't worry. They offer a free premium trial so you can see if their product is for you or not. Qustodio, parental control in the palm of your hand.😉

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